Working Capital Facilities

At Proficient Finance, we completely understand that a business requires working capital for proper functioning. Thus, in order to help our clients maintain liquidity and make profits in short spans of time, we offer them the choice of those brands whose solutions are flexible.

Credits – Imports & Exports
In order to mitigate the risks involved in international trading, we offer a convenient and flexible payment solution. Our Import Letters of Credit can be customized to the buyer’s specific needs while giving suppliers reassurance that they will be paid. Thus, our services are in attempts to bridge the gaps between the varying needs of all parties.

Loan Against Imports/Trust Receipts

Imported goods are like investments which takes time to show the profits. Our loan against import facility under Import LC or Import Collection helps you to extend the credit period. Thus, we are attempting to bridge the gap between importing goods and selling them off right there and then. A trust receipt issued by us allows you to receive the imported goods for immediate use or on-sale purposes.

Export Bill Negotiations/Discounting

Exporting goods can prove to be a hectic job in itself. To ensure that your money is not caught stagnant, our services help you to negotiate the shipping documents and ask for suitable discounts for the same through the concerned banks.


Our services include arranging for payment guarantees. However, clients are advised to take such decisions at their own risks. As a client, you will be allowed to attach conditions to the payment. But once the contract gets agreed with the bank, it cannot be altered, withdrawn, or terminated.

Types of Guarantees include:

  • Tender Bonds

  • Performance Bonds

  • Advance Payment Guarantees

  • Retention Guarantees

  • Payment Guarantees

  • Financial Guarantees

  • Labour Guarantees

Invoice Financing

A business requires funding and financing to function smoothly. Our banking and financial loan solutions are designed to support the client’s procurements and sales in their businesses.

Our range of invoice financing solutions include:

  • Advance payment invoice financing

  • Purchase invoice financing

  • Sales invoice financing

  • Receivable financing

Import Collections

With Proficient Finance, you can buy the goods and pay for them later. Our banking and financial loans will pay the seller on your behalf. Our experts will manage the financial and commercial documents of your purchased goods and will be assisting you till the transaction is successfully completed.