At Proficient Finance, we have an enormous network of banking and financial service providers in UAE which enables our valued clients to compare and choose the best deals. Our tailor-made solution suits the needs of our clients and helps them make the best financial decision. We hand pick and negotiate the best deals for our clients from the leading car insurance companies in UAE. Such deals are not available directly but only through Proficient Finance.


  • Fill an online form and attach your driving license & car registration card or you can alternatively email or WhatsApp these documents to us.

  • A detailed report of the comparison of the best deals will be sent through email or WhatsApp by our team as per client’s preferred mode of communication.

  • Upon payment, our team will send you the policy


The policies offered at Proficient Finance will provide you with the best on road cover in the UAE and Oman. Our policies are added with below mentioned benefits to provide your car an all round protection.

Driving around the car when your car is in repair or has undergone an accident is a real trouble. However, our policies include a provision where you can rent a car for yourself.

An accident may greatly damage the resale value of your car. Not anymore! You have a provision to compare and choose Agency Repair cover through which you can repair your car conveniently without affecting the resale market value of your car.

When you choose GCC Cover, you can travel in your favorite car when on holidays or on business trips.

Cover the medical expenses of yourself & your passengers for up to AED 200,000 when involved in a car accident and have suffered physical injuries.

Double the fun of driving and never worry while driving in the desert with the off-road cover option present in our policies.

With fast & speedy recovery assistance, our policies reduce your pain of roadside breakdown, accident or when you run out of fuel. We negotiate this invaluable cover for free in many of our deals.

If you have not been involved in an accident in the previous years, you will be rewarded with lower rates of the premium policies as a No-Claims Discount.

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