a life insurance policy is a financial shield to safeguard your family’s future in your absence. In order to secure a financial investment and the future of family, a life insurance policy is needed which will take care of your family in the event of illness or death

A life insurance policy does the following –

  • Provides financial security and a guaranteed income for your family in the event of premature illness or death

  • Covers debts like credit cards, personal or business loans, mortgage, key-man and education

  • Accumulates a valuable investment over time

  • Provides for you and your family in the event of illness

  • Protects your family’s valuable assets

There are mainly 3 types of life insurance policies.

Term Assurance

A term assurance policy provides cover for a fixed policy term, from a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 40 years. Term assurance does not include an investment or saving element, but functions solely as an insurance policy and is mainly taken out to cover a loan or liability such as personal loans, business loans or mortgages. A monthly or yearly premium payment is payable for the duration of the policy term with a range of level cover or reducing cover options available to choose.

Whole of Life plan

With a Whole of Life plan the term remains open-ended, and therefore continues for the lifetime of the insured. The sum assured is paid out in the event of the death of the insured. These plans generally do incorporate an investment element, which provides extra cash value in addition to cover of the cost of future benefits, for the duration of the life of the insured. Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

Key man insurance

Cover yourself or your business against the financial losses or risk that would arise from the death or extended incapacity of an important member of your business specified in the policy. Keyman insurance doesn’t indemnify actual losses made but compensate with a specified sum assured while taking out keyman insurance policy.

Additional Optional Benefit

A lump sum payment in the event of diagnosis of a specified critical illness, our advisor will explain to you all prerequisites attached to such plans.

this option pays out a lump sum payment in the event of complete disablement

an optional benefit to cover a stay in hospital of 4 or more consecutive days

an additional payment over and above the sum insured

this benefit pays out monthly payments to the family of the insured for a pre-selected period

a benefit that ensures cover continues without premiums being paid, if the insured is incapacitated by accidental illness or accident

Premiums are determined by current state of health, age, level of benefits and tenor of the policy. In case of non-medical plans, we encourage our clients to disclose all important or unimportant facts to ensure they fulfill the obligation of utmost good faith.

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