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Banks & Financial Institutions provide an incredible range of exciting credit cards. However, before you indulge in credit cards you better be aware of the pros & cons of having one. Crucial factors like subscription fees, prerequisites, interest rates, fees, etc. are to be kept in mind before you avail credit cards.

At Proficient Finance, we ensure to provide you crystal clear, easy to understand credit card offers. Moreover, you can always expect honest declarations of “red flags” from Proficient Finance. Our credit cards offer a stunning range of discounts, benefits, features, and much more! Cashbacks, discounts on Shopping & Dining, complimentary movie tickets, redeemable reward points, or exclusive golf club access are some of the many features of our Credit Cards.

At Proficient Finance, we use our skills and find you the best deal

  • Our advisor will ask you the key characteristics and benefits you are looking to have with your credit card.

  • We will review our wide range of preferences to find out key characteristics & benchmarks such as minimum salary requirement, annual fee, rate, and more.

  • Check your eligibility? Go to our easy eligibility calculator and check your Debt Service Ratio to know your eligibility.

  • Still, need more details? Fill in an easy “Contact Me” form and one of our advisors will contact you at your preferred date & time. Or you can submit an online application through our “Apply Now” option for contactless processing until you are approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under such circumstances, fix a meeting with your bank to discuss alternatives. Ideally, you may prefer to have your outstanding balance converted into a loan for easy repayments and a reduced rate of interest.

Personal Loans are better alternatives to buying something large or for chunk purchases. The applicable interest rates on personal loans are lesser. Moreover, you are staying away from the urge of buying everything using a credit card.

Banks determine your credit limit depending on your ability to repay and the nature of credit card you possess.

Some credit cards will charge no interest for up to 12 months. While other credit cards may charge up to 36% interest annually. Always ensure to inquire about these charges and applicable fee from your bank.

Your monthly repayment schedule could be done at your nearest ATM, in the branch, or through online/net banking.

Move your outstanding balance on your credit card from the original lender’s bank to another bank with lower interest rates.

Premium credit cards provide exceptional benefits which are much better than any other variant of credit cards. However, such premium benefits are only issued to you considering your higher financial stands and will cut you with a deeper annual fee.

Even though most credit cards are usually interest-free, you may attract interest if you fail to clear your payments within the same cycle as your expenditures! However, the first 55 days of a credit card cycle do not attract interests.

Rate of Interest – Seek answers from your credit card provider as to the type of interest rates that may be charged if at all. Interest rates always differ based on your salary, employment, or prior loyalty to the bank/financial institution.

Salary prerequisite – Make sure you evaluate the reasonability of availing credit cards. A reasonable credit card must have the least salary prerequisites. Moreover, you need to strike balance between the convenience of swapping credit cards and your ability to pay off the credit.

Foreign currency exchange rates – If you happen to travel often, understand how much extra you will have to shell out while making cashless transactions abroad. Keep in mind that the banks in the UAE will charge proportionate fees as per your spending.

Annual fee – If you are expecting a free-for-life credit card, you should first check with the issuing bank about subscription charges from the second year.

Benefits – Weigh the benefits offered on one hand and your ability to pay back the credit within time.