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We at Proficient Finance understand that a car is not a luxury item anymore! Given that we do love cars, but often having a car becomes more than a necessity. Picking up children from their schools, arranging chores for the household, getting to the party faster – we want all of it and that too faster! We at Proficient Finance endeavour to collaborate with the best of banks in the UAE. We ensure that you receive the fastest & the most hassle-free car loan in the UAE.

At Proficient Finance, we allow car loan comparisons based on their deposit requirements, interest rates, fees & charges, and other crucial terms & conditions. An upfront analysis amongst car loans ensures that you evaluate your eligibility to acquire such a loan.

Features of Car Loans

Car Loans are way more than just driving your dream car! There are so many aspects and features of car loans that need your consideration. Some of the most crucial factors are choosing the perfect interest rates, loan amounts, tenors, fee and much more! Some of the most common features are mentioned below –

  • Car loans starting from AED 10,000 and up to AED 1,500,000

  • Repayment period range from 12-60 months

  • Attractive interest rates – Make a wise decision by picking either the reducing balance interest rates (which starts at a higher level in terms of percentage) and flat interest rates (begins with a lower percentile and remains the same till the end of the loan repayment).

  • Car Loans can provide finance up to about 80% of the car value.

  • Car Loan facility available for both New & Used cars and to individuals & companies,

Advantages of Getting Our Services

  • Smoothest and the most hassle-free financial solutions in the UAE.

  • We at Proficient Finance will guide you towards the most appropriate car loan by comparing types and extent of interest rates, fees etc. Such comparative analysis will help you understand the true worth of car loans. It can help you make a wise decision in opting for the most flexible offer.

  • Easy application procedure & faster Turnaround time

  • One Window solution for all your car needs. We will also be able to arrange used car with low mileages, service history and in immaculate conditions at very attractive prices along with the best motor insurance coverages that too at lower prices. In case of used car financing, we will also be able to arrange car valuation services from renowned showrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

We at Proficient Finance assure you that taking out insurance on your loan is a solid backup plan. In cases of job loss, death, or illness your insurance will cover for your loan repayment obligations.

In almost all cases, you will need to show the following documents:

  • Copy of valid passport, visa & Emirates ID
  • Valid UAE Driving License
  • Three months of bank statements that reflect regular salary credits
  • Salary Certificate

When borrowers agree to pay off their loans before their designated period for payments, banks charge a settlement fee to effectuate that. Early settlement fee percentages vary from nothing to 1% or more of the total value of the car loan.

Arrangement fees are facilitation fees which are charged by banks as percentage of finance amount. Banks may club these arrangement fees into the principal loan amount, or you may choose to pay them upfront.

No, not necessarily. However, it may be convenient for the bank to deduct monthly instalments.

Depending on the banks and what they agree upon with the borrowers – can be as high as 60 months.

Most banks offer finance up to 80% of the car value. The actual loan amount will depend on your income, the loan period, and various other criteria.